District 3 OMEA Mentoring Connection

Richard Sherrick, Chair, 419-230-6808

Authentic mentoring can happen between any two teachers, and many times, the BEST mentor for you will be one that you naturally "connect" with. 
Simon Sinek: What Does it Mean to be a Mentor?:

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In District 3 we realize that many of you will naturally develop these relationships.  However, there are times when new teachers may need to have a "go-to" person who can answer their questions, whether it be because of being in a small district, simply needing another set of ears, or having an "OMEA specific" question.  We have a team of veteran teachers who are willing to help!  It is our goal to assign EVERY new music educator in District 3 with a mentor so that you have such a person to contact if needed.

Richard Sherrick is our D3 mentoring chair and provides every new teacher with a mentor.  These are people that are veteran/retired teachers and very likely faced the same problems that you will face during your first few years.  In addition, every county has representatives (listed below) who will be informing Mr. Sherrick when new hires come into each county. These people are available for questions as well. 

If you have ANY questions about mentoring in D3, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Sherrick or one of the county representatives.  Welcome to District 3!

County Connections


Pat Meeks, (419) 998-8016,

Hannah Snyder,, 330-819-1302

Anthony Taylor,, 419-303-7371



Jen Beair,, 419-628-2324 x 2030


Wendi Davis,,, 419-722-5913


Tim Davis,, 419-424-0036


Brad Spettel,,, 937-533-3370

Ryan Twigg,,, 330-801-4908


Dawn Sloan,, 419-605-8424


Doug Olenik,, 330-749-3284


Bob Sloan,, 419-203-6876